Monday, January 24, 2011

writing or talking??

    for this entry,i would like to ask you..
when ever you can't hold your anger,did you write something to release your mind?

   or did you talk to someone that make you mad with your dirty words from your own mouth?

       ok,actually i just wanna know about this because sometimes i feel the same thing,it always happen to me,but sure,i'm not using dirty words ok!
 only this word"stupid"hahaha
 ha???why i write like this for this entry?when i got mad,i will try to ignore peoples beside me,and sometimes i try to write something on the piece of paper,because my mind will give an effect...

    i means mind effect is,:the way you write on the piece of paper.
you might know..

       you will expressed your feeling..and that's why on this time,i wanna tell you something that i cant hold my anger when someone use their pride to do what ever they want too...because of this anger,i write this and post it..
did you get what i'm trying to say???

never mine if you dont..because only certain people will know this question.


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