Monday, January 24, 2011

voice testing

         this morning i'm going to work, you knows  me,i love to go outing even it's a rainy day or typhoon and so on.
              after i'm going back from work around 1.15pm,haha,i wanted to call iqah..

i'm not really wanna go out(actcually)hehehe.sorry iqah,doesn't means i dont like you,very tired,well you know me(vouge teacher)must be a hardworking woman..(so sudden)

              i ask iqah wether she wanna go watch movie..
 but she have to confirm with her father,lastly it's end with a green light!
         wangsa walk mall is the best place for us to go,simple,near,save our money!haha
        we not stingy ok..but saving,!
            at first,we wanted to watch movie..hehe,by the way i wanna tell you,i'm not sure about the movie because it doesn't look interesting for us.
 suddenly,"iqah,how about we test our voice?"

                   "i wont mind,lets go."
           for the first time iqah's going karoke,

question for iqah : how about my voice?

          then after we test our voice ,
we watch movie and the title is "the way back"
    haiyooo,>>slow,not adventurous,and the last part is very bad,no flow!!!!

         thanks for wasting our money!hahahaha
here is some picture :D




i love the background!can you see your shadow?

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