Sunday, January 23, 2011

happy day,happy moments

    i wake up early in the morning,haha,guess what?i'm going to danau kota,having a license class ..or what we call that?hmm yaa: computer exam!haha,crazy!
i went to myeg near al-malik nasi kandar..huh,for the first time,i feel bad because i'm the only one from metro driving acedemy,and my teachers ask me to go there by myself..what a beautiful word she say to me?haha

   but never mine,i'm a big girl ,and no worry about that,in my mind,i kept asking is it i'm going to failed for this exam?step by step,then ,the workers ask me to give my ic! i give it to the workers,then she ask me do thumb print..huh,

 "ok fatin,you can sit here,please see the camera infront of you"haha..
ok snap..snap..!finish,"
please wait untill we call your name.!

                WHAT????i'm going to die...hahahaha
i dont believe that i have to take this exam!like spm rite?but this exam make me more nervous than the spm !arghhh..

       "nur fatin ain" oh my god...seriously i just like wanna peeee on that time,
"ok,you can sit for the exam now,your pc no.11."

      one by one i try to answer correctly..each question i dont think i take much time to answer,!!! tup..tup..
     woooo...i've done!,"please click yes to send your answer"
"ok,now get your result at the counter please"

      i walk slowly  go to the counter to get my result..really..really..really scare me....


     i pass....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yahooo!!!!!
what a pretty result i got>>>

is it ok for you allssssss??
 now i'm going to take part 2 license!!!!!!!maybe next week.


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