Sunday, March 13, 2011

passes through,end of the year?

            oh,ysterday i pass my QTI exam!oh what is QTI?? this QTI is something like we hve to pass the exam b4 we go n take jpj test,but i bet you all wanna know how i can pass this exam ryte?haha:p
act like after one of the girl is my turn,but something happen when suddenly it's a heavy rain,oh NO!!so one of QTI couch,couch??haha,whatever la,..he say "are you sure you can drive with this heavy rain?"oh like usual i said"insyaallah!"heee

  so tht coach said that if i take that QTI test,maybe there's something happen like maybe pass or fail,but if i din"t do that exam,tht coach will give me pass!oh >mulienyer hati die<haha:D
but wht ever it is,still i dont get it,feel so bad if dont take tht exam,no one can help me..suddenly tht coach call me,and ask me to go inside the car n he just gve me drive the car only in the"LITAR"
HAHAHA:D how sad??hmmm

   not even one round,then just like very easy when he just gve me pass,oh thank you,but sure i have to face another situation but not like this on that jpj test,it's really scare me!!
and last 2 day i feel bad when i watch news..
tsunami in japan,pity n i feel very sad!!so come we pray together and there's nothing bad happen!amin!!my mind keep asking is it next year is 2012??hmm,..end of the year??ya allah,please forgive all my sins.

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