Friday, February 11, 2011


    wishing my day will be a great day! i'm doing this because i'm not sure about people around me,maybe they all dont know why i'm trying to learn this *******
well today i'm very shocked when someone from korea can talk in BAHASA MELAYU!!!it's awesome!so why not i try to talk in mandrin language!i know if i learn korean language it will be more tough beacause no one here can guide me!

   i try to search internet just now,and thank you to benny!
he tried to help me,and now i'm the one of his why not i share to you a simple word that i learn with benny,!
here come>>ni yao shen me? means >what do you want?
well i guess some of you,cant concentrate on what i'm going to write in this blog plus it is mandrin!haha:D,dont worry we are one malaysia,so i keep asking myself,can i be a part of one malaysian..
ha?why i prefer to learn mandrin?ok let me let you know,first..
when i am infront of chinese people,i feel down because i dont know anything each of the word they say!like someone have been isolated by others,.haha:D,,very touching maaa...

  sometimes i feel very shy to talk infront of chinese people wether it is in english or in bahasa..i remind you again,did you remember about "the road not taken"..less people travel that road,so why not i try this,..less people learn this language..less??haha,i dont know..maybe one of you already learn this language,,but me??not yet..just new comers!!hehehe..
common la!!

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