Sunday, April 3, 2011

new hobbies

        welcome!selamat datang!
a few days ago i'm not in my mood to post something new for this blog,then i tried to think what i'm gonna write in this blog for all my blogger which always in their happy mood to read my entry?
*a bit proud*

   did you see my followers?top ranking followers is not in the list,well you can see ryte only 6-7 followers only,actually i'm not a new blogger,3 times i make this blog,new email,new password,and everything is new!so how dare one of you could say that my blog is old,no one read!!!ouh,pity to tht person.few day's ago when i saw my stuff(accessory+makeup)i got an idea to share something.
you can see my entry above is about "new hobbies"

    i love my things,last time i never,never,never buy this kind of thing,for the first trial,i feel like oh my god i am waste my money to buy this such thing!huh,now see!!my moto is"never say never to buy this stuff"hahaha,sorry i dare to copy justien beiber lyric,

i like 

  heeee:D i loveeeee this!
i got everything!hahaha:p first of all,BB cream really make my day,then nano white is my first trial for this week,b4 this i use bio why not i try to use another product,hehe
huh,btw as a girl we have to take care of our ******
see>>i mean feminine hygiene wash,huh,clear?ngeh3
silky care,yeah with chamomile and lactic acid,gently cleanses,soothes and refreshnes!!hahaha:P
so come join me,laugh like evil!
i love perfume since when i was in primary school,secondary??huh
everyday come to school "must" spray perfume on my body,lalala
then come to school,wahh,nice smell fatin,..hahaha:P
what perfume you use??my answer:oh,that's secret!lalala

   so how about my makeup?nope,i'm not interested on makeup!i only use snow wash,one more CREAM!!!CREAM!!!CREAM!!!
shampoo?well you can see up there,rejoice,only tht shamp suite with my hair,errr??

    wait!!next episode i will show you step by step on how to take care of your skin!!sorry i could not teach the step for this entry.ok??okay!heee:p
btw let's enjoy,it's weekend!hahahha:D 

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