Saturday, July 2, 2011

kembara ilmu

       after a few days i leave this blog with no message,today i tried to turn myself infront of all bloggers,in recent years a lot of problems that occurred when I had to face something that I think will not be a i feel a little piece in my heart,although some feel a little disappointed tht may not notified.
how are you?hope today will be the day of the most beautiful and happy in my life and to all of you!hehehe
for a week i sit in a palace tht i feel very happy " :( "
i mean the actual palace is a life full of pain!!arghhh
if you still dont understand wht am i trying to say is it does not matter because it is better if you donno..haha
it doesnt mean i wont share stories with you guys,but the situation does not allow me....
today i had my normal activities of watching television even aired a story tht is very boringggg!!!
a lot of assignment to be completed this monday...arghhh!
does anyone can help me...pleasee!!!


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